Weigh Right’s PMB-FL Series scales will weigh and fill 5 to 100 lbs. of dry free flowing products like seeds, grains, petfoods, kittylitter, beans, birdfood and similar products into bags, boxes or pails. They can be used in fully automatic operations that require an automatic bagger or box indexing conveyor or used in semi-automatic operations where an operator hand places a bag or box.

How They Work:
Product is loaded into the large supply hopper of the scale either from a larger storage hopper gravity feeding into the scale’s hopper or by an infeed conveyor like a screw conveyor that can be loaded at floor level.

Once the scale is turned on it will quickly reach the target weight by filling the weigh bucket from two ports out of the supply hopper, one port being a gravity chute and the second port feeding onto a vibratory feed tray. Product is quickly filled into the weigh bucket but once it gets close the desired target weight the gravity gate will close stopping the flow and the vibratory tray will slowly vibrate the last few ounces into the weigh bucket for accuracy.

Our gravity feed scales are very fast for filling bigger bags and boxes and offer multiple benefits over volumetric filling:

1. Portioning by weight, not volume, the scale does not care about density changes.
2. Gentler, the scale does not use high speed friction to move the product.
3. No tool changes when going from one weight to the next.
4. No need for sample sets at the beginning of a production run, simply enter in the weight you want or recall from a saved JOB.
5. Lower maintenance, fewer moving parts and no servo motors.

Weigh Right offers our PMB-FL series 5 to 20 lb. models that are available in 1 to 4 lanes. For larger bulk filling, typically 20 to 100 lb. fills we offer our PMB-3600-FL series.

For weights and rates, refer to the graph on the brochure here.

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Gravity Feed Scales
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