Model A-2

The Model A-2 is a fully-automatic model that will volumetrically fill a variety of powders and granular products like ground spices, seasoning blends, health powders, ground coffee, detergents, chemicals, drink mixes, cake mixes and similar products.

Average fill rate is 60-120 containers a minute. The operator determines the amount of product released from the Model A-2 by simply adjusting a bulk gate and a meter valve.

Once the final adjustment is made, the Model A-2 will provide a consistent volume of product for quick and accurate filling. The A-2 will automatically index and fill two jars, trays, bottles or other rigid containers at a time. If necessary the container can be vibrated to settle product quickly.

The Model A-2 will dispense from 1 oz. up to about 16 oz. per second depending on product density and flow characteristics. A counter is provided to allow for multiple revolutions for bigger package weights.

The A-2 offers the advantage of two filling stations that allows one head to fill larger containers half full and the other head to finish the fill. Fill rates are effected by package weight, product density, flow characteristics, container opening and product settling time. We invite you to send samples of your product for testing.

Model-A Volumetric Fillers

Weights & Rates*

1 oz to 16 oz
120 cpm
1 lb to 2 lbs.
60 cpm
5 lbs.
24 cpm
10 lbs
12 cpm

*Rates are estimated. Final results determined bu product density and flow characteristics. We invite you to send us your product samples for free testing and results.

Model-A (semi-automatic)

Model A-1 (fully automatic, up to 60 bpm)

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