5 to 100 lb. Single head scale

The PMB-3601 will weigh and fill 5 to 100 lbs. of many products including IQF foods, nuts, candies, plastic pieces and pharmaceutical products like gel tablets into bag-n-box cases, bags, pails or trays.

Container can be hand placed by an operator or the PMB-3601can be designed to fit over and interfaced with an automatic bagger or indexing conveyor.

USDA and pharmaceutical grade models available.

Uses non-proprietary menu-driven controls to enter desired weight and feed rate.

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PMB-3601 Bulk Net Weigher

Weights & Rates*

5 lbs.
12 cpm
10 lbs.
10 cpm
25 lbs.
4 cpm
50 lbs.
2 cpm
100 lbs.
1 cpm (2 dumps)

*Rates are estimated. Final results determined bu product density and flow characteristics. We invite you to send us your product samples for free testing and results.


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