Belt Feed Models

Weigh Right’s Belt Feed Models are Large Volume Bulk Fillers that weigh and fill 5 lbs. to 100 lbs. of product into bag-n-box cases, bags or tubs.

The BDC-3601 and the BDC-3602 weigh and fill 5 to 100 lbs. of moist, frozen or dry bulky foods. Some examples are IQF meats or vegetables, fresh seafood products, cut tortilla triangles and similar products.

The BDC systems use bulk and dribble belts to move the product feeding 98% of the desired weight quickly into the weigh bucket and the last 2% is fed slowly by the dribble belt reaching an accurate weight. Once the product is accurately delivered into the weigh bucket it fills into the bag, box, pail or tub.

These systems can be used semi-automatically or interfaced and fitted with an automatic bagger, conveyor or pouch maker.

We offer two models depending on the fill rate requirements you need.


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