Fresh-Cut Fruit Scales

Fruit Fillers for Retail Size Packages
The PMB-1F and the PMB-2F weigh and fill 4 to 40 ounces of fresh-cut fruit. Some examples are melon cubes, pineapple chunks, apple slices, diced tomatoes and small whole fruits like grapes and strawberries.
The PMB-F systems offer gentle handling dropping the fruit no more than 4″ at any one time.

The product is vibrated into the weigh bucket using the bulk and dribble method. 98% of the desired weight is quickly vibrated into the weigh bucket and the last 2% is slowly fed into the weigh bucket using the dribble tray which singulates the last few pieces for an accurate weight. Once the desired weight is met, the product is gently and quickly ushered out by a push plate to ensure a clean discharge into the tray, bag or tub.

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PMB-F Moist Product Vibratory Scale



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