Fresh-Cut Vegetable Scales

From Spin Basket to Bag
Fresh-Cut Vegetable Fillers

The FCS-1 and the FCS-2 weigh and fill 1 to 20 lbs. of chopped, shredded, diced, batched and small whole vegetables. Some examples are lettuce, diced onions, stir-fries, cole slaw, chili peppers, celery sticks, florets and more.

These systems have a Live Bottom Bin (LBB) to receive product from a spin basket or other source. The LBB has a slow moving conveyor that feeds product first-in-first-out to the incline conveyor which delivers the product at a controlled rate to the scale head.

The product is moved to the weigh bucket using bulk and dribble belts filling 98% of the desired weight quickly and the last 2% at a slow rate using the dribble belt only. Once accurate weight is reached the product is gently and quickly ushered out by a push plate to ensure a clean discharge into the package.


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FCS-1 Fresh-Cut Vegetable & Salad Filler



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