G-50-E Entry Level Direct Fill Scale

Economical and Easy-to-Use.
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The G-50-E is our entry level Direct Fillscale that is a semi-automatic solution where the operator hand places a case on a platform scale and simply hits a footswitch to active the filling.

When activated, the G-50-E will first tare the weight of the case and then begin vibrating the product into it.  The vibratory feeder will fill at a fast rate to reach the target weight quickly and then slowly come to a stop after accurately completing the desired package weight.

NOTE:  The number of vibratory trays needed to move the product accurately into the weigh bucket is determined by the product’s flow characteristics. Each system is designed to handle as many of your products as possible.

The G-50-E comes available in non-washdown and all stainless steel washdown models. Our scales come standard with touch screen menu driven controls offering job storage, help menus and easy to read graphics. All scales come with non-proprietary components.



  • 50 Job Memory Storage
  • Auto Zero
  • Weight Options: lbs., grams, kg, or ounces
  • Count Mode (count by weight)
  • Batch Count
  • Help Menu Per Screen

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Weights & Rates*

4-6 CPM

*Rates are estimated. Final results determined bu product density and flow characteristics. We invite you to send us your product samples for free testing and results.

G-50 Full Automatic Direct Filler

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