Hand Feed Scale

The HF-1 hand feed scale may not be considered “automation” but it can actually be faster and more accurate than other entry level automatic scale solutions and definitely more versatile for the products that can be weighed.

The HF-1 is ideal for bulky non free flowing products like plastic parts, hardware, pet treats, pre-packed pouches or packets…basically any product that can’t be handled well by a vibratory feed system.

The HF-1 is also gentle providing a low drop into the package and gently controlled by the operator into the weigh bucket. And speaking of the operator, that person can also provide a last minute inspection before the product goes into the final package ensuring quality for your customer.
The HF-1 is versatile to handle small pieces or larger pieces and changeover can be accomplished in minutes.

List of benefits:

  1. Low Cost
  2. 100% accurate (within tolerance entered)
  3. Quick Changeover
  4. Easy to Use
  5. Product Versatility
  6. Product Quality Control
  7. Gentle Handling
  8. Great for Short Runs
  9. Easy to Clean
  10. Use the HF-1 with a bagger, indexing conveyor or two operators

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HF 1 Scale with Indexing Conveyor

Weights & Rates*

2 operators
15 fpm
Interfaced w/bagger or conveyor
Up to 20 fpm

*Rates are estimated. Final results determined bu product density and flow characteristics. We invite you to send us your product samples for free testing and results.

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