Infeed Conveyors

Weigh Right manufactures conveyors to load product into our scales. Our infeed conveyors can be used in continuous production processes or batch production processes. Ideal for food products, plastic parts, pet food and similar products. 

We use various forms of belting based on the product type whether it is cleated, flat, USDA, or other types based on the application.  We have manufactured infeed conveyors for many product types including fresh-cut or small whole vegetables, cookies, chips, pretzels, plastic parts and similar products.

The infeed conveyors are very important for metering of the product to the scale in a controlled manner to provide a consistent and reliable performance, often times to avoid product bridging in the scale‚Äôs supply hopper.  We use various types of level indicators, both Hi-Level and Low-Level sensors including photo eyes or proximity sensors.

If you have an existing infeed conveyor or another OEM provider we will design the system around this equipment.

In Feed Conveyors

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