Large Volume Bulk Scales

Weigh Right has 4 categories of Large Volume Fillers, to find the right one for you, choose from the following:

1.) Belt Feed Models
To weigh and fill moist, sticky or IQF food products.

Visit our: Belt Feed Models

2.) Standard Vibratory Feed Models
To weigh and fill powders, nuts, snacks, candies, plastic pieces and other dry products.

Visit our: Vibratory Feed Models

3.) High Volume-Capacity Vibratory Fillers
Weigh Right’s new line of vibratory Large Volume Fillers to fill your products into cases or bags faster than our standard large volume scales.

Visit our: High Volume-Capacity Vibratory Fillers

4.) Gravity Feed Scales
To weigh and fill free flowing products like bird seed, grains, corn, beans, and similar products with 50% more speed than vibratory feed models.

Visit our: Gravity Feed Models

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