PMB-3 (Three Lane Scale)
The PMB-3 net weigher offers a third more speed than the PMB-2 scale and can be used for filling a single ingredient or blending three ingredients at the same time by weight.

The PMB-3 will provide typically around 15 to 32 fills per minute depending on the package weight, product density and flow characteristics of the product, i.e., coffee beans flow faster than frozen broccoli.

With our experience we will be able to offer you a pretty good estimate over the phone and if we need samples for testing we’ll be sure to ask if you can send some.

After evaluating your project, we will provide you a proposal for the best designed scale providing you the versatility and options needed to meet the demands of your packaging requirements.

The PMB-3 can be used semi-automatic or fully automatic with an automatic bagger or container indexing conveyor.


Need more Speed?
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PMB 3 linear scale

Weights & Rates*

1 oz. to 8 oz.
32 fpm
8 oz. to 2 lbs.
24 fpm
2 lbs. to 3 lbs.
18 fpm
3 lbs. to 5 lbs.
12 fpm
5 lbs. to 10 lbs.
9 fpm

*Rates are estimated. Final results determined bu product density and flow characteristics. We invite you to send us your product samples for free testing and results.






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